Why the Grammy’s Suck

Chris Brown's Grammy-Nominated Album

The Grammy’s are irrelevant for one reason: there’s just too much music out there for the panel to listen and nominate the best music out there. That said, here’s my opinion on this year’s nominations that matter to me:

Record of the Year: Hopefully Jay-Z wins because he’s just more important than everyone else nominated. If not him, Cee-Lo would make me happy.

Album of the Year: Suburbs. Hands down. Go Arcade Fire.

Best Contemporary R&B Album: Janelle Monae better win this or else I have absolutely no faith in the Grammy’s.

Best Rap Solo Performance: Eminem or Kanye should win this. Not Afraid and Power are amazing records, both deserving of this award.

Best Rap Album: Of all nominations, this pisses me off so much. I’ve listened to four out of five of these albums, the missing one being Drake’s Thank Me Later. Therefore I have no opinion of it. The Roots, Eminem, and Jay-Z deserve this nomination. B.o.B., not so much. One of the most disappointing albums of the year. Fucking pop bull shit is not rap. Sorry Bob, but you didn’t make a rap album. All I have to say is Big Boi got snubbed. Big Time.

Even if the Grammy’s are not important to me, I’ll watch it because they have some amazing live performances. Peace.

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