The 53rd Grammy Nominations

Nikhil : We are a music blog so I figured I would put up the nominees for this year’s Grammy awards. Some of them I don’t agree with when it comes to the rap/urban nominations. B.o.B. and Bruno Mars were nominated for Record Of The Year with “Nothing on You” and I’m sure out of all the music made this year at least one song was better than that one. Out of all songs across all the genres that was one of the top 5? I don’t know. Two of the biggest snubs in my book were Raekwon and Big Boi. Two of the best rap albums made this year should definitely be put over Thank Me Later and The Adventures of Bobby Ray. On a happier note Michael has been nominated posthumously for Best Male Vocal Performance with the track “This Is It” and the Black Keys have a total of 6 nominations which I am pretty happy about because they deserve it.

They suck a little more each year.

Sam: Arcade Fire’s been getting a lot news for their (token) nomination for Album of the Year, but other than that the Grammy’s continue to completely snub independent music. That in and of itself is no surprise The big surprise for me was the lack of Janelle Monae getting a Best New Artist nod–the award will inevitably go to Drake or Bieber and is the one time I’ve hoped for the award’s supposed curse to be true. Monae’s album was thrown into Contemporary R&B, which I don’t think is a great fit. R. Kelly and Chris Brown (seriously?) are some of the last people I think should be competing with her. “Tightrope” was thrown into the Urban/Alternative Performance category, which is better. Gorillaz also got snubbed, surprisingly. I am also glad to see Glee get no major nominations.

Honestly, at this point it’d be shorter for me to list what I like about the Grammys.

For the rest of the nominations just follow this link.

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