Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars – Watching All Your Ways

The past week or so I’ve been compiling MCWN’s 2010 year end lists and they have inevitably resulted in some snubs, usually because I simply forget about these tracks or albums and I end up discovering a few things I should have paid more attention too earlier. That is, as they say, life. But it felt undue that I would neglect this particular gem from a group of musicians whose name is also a definition. Made up of actual refugees Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars’ Rise & Shine is a wonderful gem diamond treasure of an album.

The album’s closing track, “Watching All Your Ways” is a protest song; it is lyrically indignant, calling out hypocrisy and indifference in world leaders. Musically, it is a campfire sing-along–literally. A part of me feels like a bleeding-heart, culturally super-sensitive white guy in saying this, but I think this is a song to be heard and taken to heart. Like Bob Marley’s best songs, the solution it offers is a kind one, a kumbaya of love.

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars – Watching All Your Ways {download}

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