Com Truise – Sundriped

Download the full Cyanide Sisters EP (for free!) {here}

Com Truise is a New Jersey producer of slow, entrancing synth beats referred to as “slow motion funk” on his websites. But then, on that same website he notes “It’s not about the name, its about the music.”

So we’ll talk about the music. It’s chillwave and it’s my new definition of trance. Not like trance the electronic music genre, but the actual state of being in a trance. I’m not a big fan of the whole chillwave movement, but Com Truise really nails it on his Cyanide Sisters EP, which is up on his website for free. There’s a big ’80’s influence all over Truise’s work, but that comes with most music based around old-school synth. But there’s other little influences–it’s hard not to hear Boards of Canada on  “Iwywaw.”

“Sundriped” sounds exactly like its name implies. Check it out.

Com Truise – Sundriped {download}

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