[New] Doris Cellar’s (of Freelance Whales) Impromptu Solo Act

The Freelance Whales performed at Columbus’ The Basement tonight without their standard opening act, Miniature Tigers due to the a tour bus break-down. While they would have undoubtedly been great, their misfortune turned into our fortune and we got the rare treat of seeing Doris Cellar open for her own band instead (rare enough that her bandmates came out to watch).  It was a surprise that was the highlight of the night for me. And I was lucky enough to have a buddy with an iPhone to record it all so I could share it with you.

With just a ukulele, her voice, and a sweet sense of charm she immediately grabbed the audience and though her set wasn’t without its technical hiccups, she pulled it off immensely well. I apologize for the poor quality on my end as well, but given how new (and great) this is, I hope you’ll forgive me. The music doesn’t start until about a minute in on each video, but her banter with the audience was charming and endearing and worth watching in its own right.

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