[New] Iron and Wine – Walking Far From Home

{via OneThirtyBPM}

When I saw Sam Beam play about a month and a half ago, he played a few new songs and they sounded great, but it hardly prepared me for what is an entirely new sound for Iron and Wine. Between a heavily distorted guitar and a wide array of electronic touches, it sounds like Beam has taken a note from Sufjan.

And like Sufjan, I’ve got enough faith in Beam to see this through. The Shepard’s Dog is still one of my favorite albums and everything he’s done has been great.

The new single “Walking Far From Home” starts off like an alternate alternate version of The National’s “Terrible Love” and for the first time, Iron and Wine is going for an epic sound–a very far cry from his bedroom folk roots. Lyrically, the single has Beam’s trademark imagery and intricacy.

His new album is due out sometime early next year and he has a Daytrotter session that is soon to be released. I’ll keep you updated.

You can also check out the other two songs on the single over at OneThirtyBPM.

Walking Far From Home {download} (rightclick>saveas…)

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One Response to [New] Iron and Wine – Walking Far From Home

  1. Tommy says:

    Glad you pointed this out to me, good find!

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