Must Listen: Eyes Lips Eyes – “Tickle”

Sometimes you have to wait for a song to hit you. Sometimes it doesn’t let you wait.


So, in that sense its unfortunate that I didn’t hear Eyes Lips Eyes’ single, “Tickle” until just yesterday. Its unfortunate particularly because it was released in August and because they’ve released a new single monthly since June. It’s also unfortunate because I’ve had it since about that time in my library, via MusicSavage‘s August Mixtape.

“Tickle” is a song that, from its first bright guitar to its absolutely astounding basslines, has everything covered. For the record, its a song that probably needs to be heard in good company to really hit the sweet spot. In fact, I have to recommend it is saved for just an occasion–it pays off, trust me. Oh, and play it loud, too.

While normally I’d delve more into the song, I think this is one that’s pitch-perfect fun. And that needs no words.

Eyes Lips Eyes – Tickle {download}

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3 Responses to Must Listen: Eyes Lips Eyes – “Tickle”

  1. Thanks for the kind words, MCWN. And thanks for the cool design of your blog.

  2. Anon says:

    This song’s a total jam!

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