Jay Electronica. Fuck that, Call me Jay ElecHanukkah

“So Arvind, why do you like so many rappers with monikers starting with a ‘J’ or ‘Jay’?”
“I don’t know, usually because they happen to be dope.”

If you don’t know who this man, Jay Electronica is, pull out your notebooks, school is in session.

This lyrically inclined rapper hailing from the Magnolia Projects in New Orleans (that guy ,Juvenile, that made that song “Back That AZZ Up,” is from there) spits rhymes like he’s from New York. He probably would be offended by me saying that, but it’s my opinion. He recently signed a deal with Roc Nation, making it one of my favorite labels (Jay-Z, J. Cole).

Here’s a couple songs from the man they call Jay Electronica that I love. To be honest, I have no idea when this guy will release a mixtape or an album, but what he has released so far has been good. I have high expectations for his next project.

“I got a lot of family, you got a lot of fans. That’s why they got my back like the Verizon man” ….filthy sir

Shiny Suit Theory ft. Jay Z {download}

Addendum from Sam: “No drums, no hook, just new shit.”

Jay Electronica first came on my map a few years ago for his nine-minute turn-around on Jon Brion’s score for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, called “The Pledge.” Forgoing any semblence of a “beat” in the traditional sense, it’s a pretty ballsy move for a hip-hop artist and it blurs the line between it and spoken word poetry, something pushed further by the fact that live, he does many of his raps acapella.

The inclusions of audio snippets from Willly Wonka and Kurdish (?) children separate the song into three distinct sections, leading to a sense of a larger artistic ambition, as Jay raps on the supernatural, philosophy and religion, and hip-hop itself.

If “Shiny Suit Theory” shows Electronica’s raw ability to rhyme, “The Pledge” shows a wonderful sense of inventiveness and originality. Both have some sick production and hopefully both are indicators of what’s to come on a new album via Roc Nation.

Here’s to waiting.

Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) {download}

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