Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

It’s rare that an album lives up to the hype that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy had. It’s nearly impossible for an album to surpass that kind of hype. Adidas should sign Kanye because impossible is nothing when it comes to Ye. The self-titled “voice of his generation” comes out of an album hiatus with a vengeance. This album opens up a whole new door for hip-hop music. This deserves Album of the Year.

The music Ye produced for this album was beautiful. All the features were amazing. From the opening track to the outro, Kanye proves why he has just became one of the best rappers of this generation. Not is this great musically but Kanye actually pushes a message that started with the Runaway video. People are scared of things that are different and Ye believes that freedom in America has become a thing of tyranny, just listen to “Who Will Survive In America” if you need proof of that. Kanye also makes a statement about the rap game and about how out of hand the game has gotten. Why should a rapper have to push sex, drugs, and money to sell albums? Kanye never has made an album like that. “Runaway” addresses the whole asshole persona he has (at least he acknowledges that he is an asshole). Ye has provided a challenge to all the rappers of his generation. It’s time to change up the rap game. The game needs to go back to the way it was supposed to be. Where an artist should be able to make music for himself while pleasing his fans at the same time. Ye also address the fast lifestyle he is notorious for living in “Hell of a Life” (Remember the whole T Swift incident when he showed up with Amber Rose on one arm and a bottle of Henney in the other hand). Apparently all he needs is pussy and religion to survive and to have a hell of a life forget everything else.

From top to bottom this album has no holes. The only thing i would like to see is a longer version of “All of the Lights” where all the features are able to have a part for themselves but I’m not complaining about the way it is right now. My favorite songs have to be “Dark Fantasy”, “Blame Game” and “Lost in the World”. The Bon Iver part of “Lost in the World” is simply amazing (if you want to here where the sample comes from, it’s a song from Bon Iver named “Woods”. Although the sample is pretty much the same as in the original). I don’t if there will be an album as powerful as this one for awhile (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Lupe’s album though). Ye’s it has been awhile since I was graced with your music and i appreciate this one. It’s a 10/10, a 5 star, 100, XXL, perfect. Not even Taylor Swift could hate this album. Like “Dark Fantasy” asks, “Can we get much higher?“, I hope so Yezzy. If you make an album better than this one you will go down as a legend in my book.

Clearly this is the album of the year. This album is a statement that Kanye will not let his personal failures get in the way of his music. He has gone through a little rough patch before the release of this album. Please go out and buy the album. I don’t usually say that about albums but this one deserves it.

A little side note, Rick Ross kills it on “Devil in a New Dress” and “Monster”. I think this shows Rick’s potential of being more than just a Bugatti Boy with Diddy, which to me is just a dumb ass idea by Rick.

Kanye West – Lost In The World Feat. Bon Iver

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