What Would Quincy Jones Say?

Quincy Jones is known these days for creating the song that was used in the Austin Powers series. I love it, you love it, everyone loves it. He also produced arguably the greatest album ever, in Thriller by Michael Jackson. But that’s not big deal, right? He produced the original We Are The World, has worked with Frank Sinatra, and is one of two producers to ever construct a score for a Steve Spielberg film. Quite the accomplishments to say the least.

As you may have heard, Sony is releasing a posthumous Michael Jackson album titled Michael on December 14th, 2010. The first single is free to stream for a week on the official website. After listening to the song in it’s entirety, I’m afraid to say it sounds like shit.

First off, the lyrics have him referring to himself in third person. WTF?!?! I don’t even know what to say about that. #smh

Second, it honestly doesn’t sound like Mike. Of course he’s not about to sound as awesome as he does on The Girl is Mine or Lady in My Life (my two favorite MJ joints), but still, it just sounds so not Michael. Rumor has it that Sony had some “MJ wannabe”, I mean cover artist, finish the song.

I love Michael Jackson’s music as much as the next person, but this sounds awful. Producer Mark Ronson said the song he produced for the album was really by MJ himself, so we’ll see how the rest of this plays out. I just can’t help but wonder, if this really isn’t MJ, what would Quincy Jones have to say?

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