Must Listen: Reptar – Houseboat Babies

BUY IT: {iTunes}

Can you feel it?
Yes, I can feel it!

On a certain level, you have to respect a band that name’s itself as Reptar. It’s actually a bit of a name to live up to for the Nicktoons generation. So it’s a good thing they’re pretty awesome.

“Houseboat Babies” is, in many ways, a perfect indie dance song and it’s the kind of song that I wish I heard at more parties. Dropping a lot of influences and mixing the together to make your own sound isn’t always an easy feat, but Reptar pull it off with some easy swag. The song builds wonderfully and it’s one that I think would be pretty popular with a little marketing, but as it stands this Athens, Georgia band has only its sound and bloggers’ backing.

I should also mention how it is I found–see I Guess I’m Floating is a pretty awesome music blog that started a Facebook group based around a simple idea: if  a facebook group is made that’s dedicated to everyone in said group buying a track, 1,000 memebers means a $1,000 in that band’s pocket. So in the spirit of that group, I’m only going to throw this track up streaming.

Go out and buy it; believe me, it’s worth it.

There’s a fire, a fire
in my house
but it doesn’t really matter
’cause I never put it out!”

Reptar – Houseboat Babies

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