My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West says he’s the voice of this generation. It’s an incredibly bold and arrogant statement, but I’d like to know who others believe “deserves” this tag. Or who are others who we could call the “Voices of Our Generation”. Anyways, Kanye West has influenced culture, music, hip hop, you name it. His new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has the hype to be a classic. Hip-hop with the introspective view that indie rock has brought to the forefront really is great and I’ve enjoyed a lot of G.O.O.D. Friday leaks. Hopefully his album is as awesome as it promises to be, but while we wait for November 23rd, here’s the latest tracklist.


Thanks 2dopeboyz.


If you are yet to watch the Runaway film, I highly recommend. After the duck is presented at the dinner, the next scene provides my most anticipated song called Blame Game. The sample is Avril 14th by Aphex Twin.

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