Jono Mccleery – Tomorrow (Unmastered Demo)


Another artist from Ninja Tune and another track from their 2010 SXSW Sampler, this track from Jono Mccleery is labeled as an unmastered demo, but the elegant ambiance of its first five minutes nonetheless suggest a lot of work and effort.

“Tomorrow” covers two aspects of the Ninja Tune sound that I particularly enjoy, that is the aforementioned ambiance gives the song a distinct early-morning feel, the kind of laid-back mood I love from the label’s artists. After this, about five minutes into the song, the more singer-songwriter-ish part begins.

The early-morning vibe is kept through Mccleery’s easy voice, but its backed with a break beat jazz bass and light drumming. It might be redundant again to draw comparisons to The Cinematic Orchestra, but this part of the song definitely has some of their influences.

“Tomorrow” had a single release in August that, from the best I can tell, does without the first ambient section which is unfortunate I think, as it really does an excellent job of setting up the more traditional song part of the track. Still, if you find it boring I’d recommend skipping to about 4:30. The single is first released by Mccleery on Ninja Tune, though he self-released an album in 2008.

Jono Mccleery | Tomorrow (Unmastered Demo) {download}

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One Response to Jono Mccleery – Tomorrow (Unmastered Demo)

  1. S. Sheiquee says:

    I absolutely love this song and saw him supporting Gil Scott Heron at Brixton Academy a couple of weeks ago. Seriously looking forward to hearing the tracks again when the album comes out. Does anyone know when it is coming out?

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