Bonoboo – Eyesdown

By Sam.

Nab a free Ninja Tunes sampler from {Amazon}.

I’ve actually had this song for several months, but it wasn’t until reading an excellent Drowned in Sound feature on Ninja Tune that I actually went back and listened to it again. Ninja Tune’s a label I’ve had a strong fascination with ever since discovering Amon Tobin, their dark, downtempo music the perfect soundtrack to the early mornings I often find myself in. I don’t even want to admit how music I’ve listened to The Cinematic Orchestra’s Every Day.

This early-morning feel was the inspiration for the new header, which I made at about 2:30AM last night to this song.

Bonobo’s contribution to the SXSW Sampler for Ninja Tune that I nabbed a while back, “Eyesdown” is the perfect example of the kind of stuff I love out of Ninja Tune. It’s laid-back electronic beat and airy vocals give off a wonderfully relaxed vibe. The soft jazzy brass makes it feel like the guys from The Cinematic Orchestra contributed and the song itself would sound at home on Every Day.

Bonobo’s album Black Sands was released in March of this year. Buy it at {Amazon}.


If you like this, I emphatically recommend The Cinematic Orchestra’s Every Day and by extension a look into Ninja Tune.
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