NPR’s AllSongs Gets a New 24/7 Music Channel

Check it out {here}

NPR’s All Songs Considered is one of my favorite sites for new music and I’ve re-blogged a lot of the stuff I’ve found through them.  I highly recommend checking out their free podcast, which is especially great when they have group sessions.

Well, they just started a 24/7 online streaming service full of all the music they’ve played over the last ten years–which is a lot of music. If you like most of the stuff I’ve posted here, chances are you’ll be a fan of the music this channel plays. For reference, the first two songs I heard when I turned the channel on were: Panda Bear’s “Bros” from Person Pitch–one of my most-listened to non-Beatles albums ever–and Mumford & Sons’ “The Cave” from Sigh No More–one of my most-listened to songs of this year.

It’s like the perfect radio station. No commercials, no awful DJs (but then I’m a fan of Robin Hilton and Bob Boilin) and great, great music. It’s like a 24/7 version of one of my favorite podcasts.

(after writing this, the third song was from Taken by Tree’s East of Eden one of my favorite all-time records)
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