Dale Earndhart Jr. Jr. Live on KEXP

By Sam.

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Dale Earndhart Jr. Jr. is proof that a band doesn’t need to have a gimmick to be good–and if they’re good enough they can overcome a bad gimmick.  In fact, it’s probably a good thing that I heard their music before their band name because their infectious pop sound is directly opposite what you’d expect from a band named after a NASCAR driver. And, apparently after watching these videos, a band wearing NASCAR suits. Their Horse Power EP is one of the best releases of this summer and there’s no way these guys don’t get an album.

After the jump, a short rant and three more songs from their set.

I’m actually confused as to why they have so fully embraced the psuedo-redneck image as their music is certainly good enough to get them attention without it, and there doesn’t seem to be much of an overt purpose to their image as they don’t even seem to care about their image.

I gotta say, I’d love to see them live though. They seem like great fun and hopefully they’ll get a full band to fill out their sound even more.

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