S. Carey – In the Dirt

By Sam.

It seems Bon Iver’s drummer got himself a day job. As a singer-songwriter.

Following in the vein of Radiohead’s drummer, Phil Selway, earlier this year, Sean Carey’s releasing an album full of richly textured, melody-focused songs, called All We Grow. It leaked a few weeks ago, but you can stream it for free, legally from NPR’s First Listen series {here}. It gets my recommendation, so check it out.

My favorite song from All We Grow is called “In The Dirt,” and it sounds like Carey’s time playing for Bon Iver left a bit of a mark. Between wonderfully harmonized vocals and a “cabin” feel to the instrumentals, the only thing that’s separating it from For Emma, Forever Ago is sheer emotional catharsis. It’s a little unfair to put one against the other, as it’s obvious that both artists are coming from very different places. (Elements of the album also draw comparisons to bands wide as Radical Face and Stars of the Lid, to name just a few.)

Lyrically, “In The Dirt” is hopeful and lightly optimistic, with a refrain of “Don’t despair” and lines like “I’ll be there” and “We were meant to see,” it’s clear that S. Carey isn’t writing this from an actual cabin in the woods. Instrumentally speaking, “In the Dirt” is full of little touches that echo with a calm warmth (see: the whole third minute). Oh, and the song has handclaps.

Check it out:

S. Carey | In the Dirt {download}

If you’re still unsure, check out “In the Stream,” a very, very close second favorite of All We Grow.
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