Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot…The Son Of Dusty Chico

Big Boi has lived in the shadows of Andre 3000 his whole career but Sir Lucious, one of Big Boi’s many aliases, had put his best foot forward with this project. With Andre’s complete absence from the rap game–apparently he feels confined by the boundaries of hip-hop music–Big Boi reminds everyone why Outkast was such a prolific group. It’s not often that an album of this magnitude goes under the radar but an absence from rap and almost being considered a back up to 3 stacks would contribute to a quite album release from Big Boi. In my opinion this should win hip-hop album of the year hands down.

The album has a distinct Outkast feel to it with a lot of “futuristic beats”. It has many different types of music, ranging from stoner rap songs to a love song in a sense to dance/party music and many more types of songs. My personal favorite song is Daddy Fat Sax but the whole album is amazing. Even the intro is great. The only problem with the album is that Jive Records cock-blocked an Outkast return on the album, removing the two songs that Big Boi made with Andre. Although Andre is supposedly working on a solo project slated for a release sometime before the years end, I don’t know if it will be anything close to rap or not. Outkast is also supposed to release an album before the end of the year, I really doubt that will happen, I would expect the release to be sometime next year.

Big Boi shows that he is not replaceable in Outkast and that Andre isn’t the only great rapper from the group.

Daddy Fat Sax

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