New Atmosphere. New Life. New Music.

By Arvind.

When I put myself in a new situation, I tend to “rely” on music to relax, relate, and release. I don’t know why I do this, but it sure works. As I’ve moved into a new apartment at school, I’ve been testing out different music to see what it is to put myself in the right mindset. Last year, it was a lot of Kid Cudi, Coldplay, and Jay-Z. Cudi dropped a new album at the time and it was a lot of fun to listen to. I went to a Coldplay concert in the beginning of the summer and could never stop thinking about the fun time it was. Jay-Z is just, well, Jay-Z. It’s pretty standard for me to listen to him.

This year, a rather small, “indie” band has taken this role. The Morning Benders are a group consisting of four members starting in Berkeley, California. They toured with The Black Keys this past summer and from what I’ve been told, the live show was incredible. Made me jealous since The Black Keys sold out when I had my opportunity. Their second studio album, Big Echo, starts with what is easily my favorite song. It’s probably because of this song “Excuses” that I even bothered checking out this album. I’m extremely happy I did because from the drums to the sort-of chaotic sound to Chris Chu’s voice, it all seems to fit and sound great. I know they’re not exactly new, they’ve been around the block a couple time with their touring.

Anyways, The Morning Benders have been in my constant rotation and is worth a listen from you all (if that is even relevant) too. They also have a free EP titled Bedroom Covers that’s a great listen as well. You can google that one.

{download: Excuses} (rightclick>saveas..)

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