MikeOfDoom – Rough Beats


So sometimes I happen across random music on the internet from absolute nobodies and it’s surprisingly good. There’s an expectation that quality and money and intrinsically connected, but in the modern days that we live in, that simply is no longer true.

Now, it’s no secret that when it comes to hip-hop I’m more of a beat man than a lyrics man so when I happened across the soundcloud page for MikeofDoom full of rough sketches for beats, I had to give the guy a chance. Turns out his stuff is pretty excellent and could easily show up on the mixtape of an up-and-coming. His stuff has that great, laid-back feeling that make his tracks simple and easy to relax to even without a rapper over it. He’s got some interesting samples, too specifically Oasis’Champagne Supernova” on the first track I’ll share really jumped out at me.

Without further ado, just check out the tracks:

You Are Now Floating with the Stars:

Snake+Eyes: (Great, laid-back retro sound.)

Rain Cloud: (More easy laid back piano stuff. Reminiscent of Nujabes and J Dilla, in a way with a perfect vocal sample.)

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