Sufjan Stevens – Too Much (and its Live Version)

By Sam, via {OneThirtyBPM} who got it from {We All Want Someone to Shout For}

The day after my plans to see him in Chicago are finalized, Sufjan decided to drop us a second track from his upcoming The Age of Adz (pronounced ‘Odds’) that’s much in the electronic vein of “I Walked” and his Dark Was the Night contribution, “You Are the Blood.” The new song comes from a Norweigian radio station, who seem to have gotten first dibs.

{download: Too Much} (rightclick>saveas…)

I didn’t realize it until Sufjan started singing, but “Too Much” is the full version of a live cut I heard about a year or two ago, dubiously called “There’s Too Much Love.” I fell in love with it  (no pun intended) and hoped it would get a full release, and a little overhalfway through 2010 it seems I’ve got it.

The original live version is obviously a lot less electronically driven and has a Bitches Brew-esque horn solo as its second half. The freakout in the studio version is a lot more contained and less musically jarring, thankfully, and he adds in some of his skills from The BQE, but the studio version lacks the chops and energy that was in the first half. The guitar line is also taken out of the studio version, which I really liked. This one’s a little more classically Sufjan, though it catches him in a good transition phase so you can hear where his Adz sound seems to come from.

{download: There’s Too Much Love} (rightclick>saveas…)

All that said, I wouldn’t expect or want Sufjan to placate my interests too much. I’m happy with both versions, and I’m excited to see where he goes on Adz.

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