Be Kind, Rewind: John Legend

By Arvind.

As Kanye West’s stardom and genius was becoming widely acknowledged, he was able to share the love to artists he “found” or had affiliation with. By creating the label G.O.O.D. Music (Getting Out Our Dreams), Kanye has brought several talented artists to the forefront. Lonnie Lynn, better known by the moniker Common, is a good example–before his album Be most of the non-hip-hop (whoa two dashes) crowd probably didn’t know much of his music. After Common’s album Electric Circus, he collaborated with his fellow Chi-Town native, Mr. West, to create what would become his most popular album.

Through Mr. West’s uprising in the game, he brought along some guy to sing hooks on his soul sampled beats. From songs like Slum Village’s “Selfish,” Dialated People’s “This Way,” and Jay-Z’s “Encore”   (Medley of some contributions), a young man named John Legend was developing his craft and expanding his own horizons. His debut album, Get Lifted, was one of the first to have the G.O.O.D. Music sticker on the back of the cd case. Not many people are able to do this, but Mr. Legend created a classic his first time up to bat. It’s pretty hard to hate on his piano skills, along with Kanye’s production.  Even if the Grammy’s are incredibly irrelevant, he scooped up three when he went. Just saying.

John Legend and The Roots are releasing a collaborative album featuring remakes/covers of soul songs from the 60’s and 70’s. It will be released on September 21. It’s hard to criticize artists who try to make music that gravitates towards politics, social climate, human nature, etc., unless of course, it flat out sucks. The title of the album, Wake Up!, says enough on what kind of album it is (or it promises to be). John Legend previewed this type of music with his song If You’re Out There. These covers are flat out fun to listen to and the message is there. Here is the video to the first single, Wake Up Everybody!

Here’s a couple more John Legend songs for you all to listen to. In all in all giving you two videos and four mp3s to watch/listen. Hope you can enjoy all of it.

“Let’s Get Lifted” off of Get Lifted

“Ordinary Peopleoff of Get Lifted

Heaven” off of Once Again

(Sam’s Note: After reading this post, I had to listen to Get Lifted all over again. Damn.)

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One Response to Be Kind, Rewind: John Legend

  1. Deanna says:

    absolutely loved this song and its video. it’s possible that i like this version even more than the original, which is saying a lot given how much i enjoy listening to teddy pendergrass’ voice.

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