Jukebox the Ghost – Schizophrenia

By Sam.

A three-piece from The City of Brotherly Love, Jukebox the Ghost is made up of Ben Thornewill (vocals & piano), Tommy Siegel (vocals & guitar) and Jesse Kristin (drums). Their new album, Everything Under the Sun comes out September 7th on Yep Roc Records. It is their sophomore release.

Their lead single, “Schizophrenia” is a frenic piano-based jam. Thornewill spits out his opposing lines at an awesomely quick pace during the verses and the chorus is one of those that’ll be remembered at the worst possible times. Between the verses, the piano hook and the synth line in the bridge, “Schizophrenia” is incredibly catchy, fun and even humorous:

“Well you could say that I’m alright,
But I’ll never be friendless.
And oh, you could say that I’m alright,
Or you could say ‘Schizophrenic.’

Everything Under the Sun leaked recently and though I grabbed it, I haven’t been able to get past “Schizophrenic,” which is the first track. So I can’t really tell you how it is. I also can’t really tell you if that’s a good thing. It probably is.

Here’s the band performing on Letterman:

Jukebox the Ghost | Schizophrenic {download} (rightclick>saveas..)

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