STS- Demand More 2

By Nikhil.

Most rappers talk about their past dealings as pimps but as we all know most of them are lying. Only a handful of rappers come into the game with a past of pimpin’ in the most literal sense. 50 Cent songs might be convincing (“P.I.M.P.” in case you forgot) but he was no real pimp, unlike this skinny light skinned ATLien/Illadelphia resident. He used to be a spoken word artist trying to find a way into the rap game. He used some unlikely connections to start his career in rap. Through his lyrics he claims to hate pimpin’, apologizing to his mom multiple times throughout the mixtape.

I hate to hate on Drake again–who am I kidding I love to hate on Drake–but every new rapper seems to be compared to him and STS surpasses him in every part of rapping. His lyrics are amazing, his flow is incredible, and he did something most rappers now-a-days won’t do, he tells a story through his lyrics (broad & locust). The only thing I didn’t see in the mixtape were beats since most of the tape he goes over beats from the top songs of 2010, I don’t believe he makes his on beats anyway so it’s not a big deal. His background in spoken word has lend him the ability to escape the confines of hip-hop music and the ignorance some rappers portray on their tracks. He doesn’t dumb it down to promote his music.

He might be a youngin’ in the game (3 mixtapes to his name) but he is no one to mess with. Watch out Drake, this man has actual experience in the streets and he might come and take your shine.

Demand More 2 via

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