Must Hear: Beethoven’s Ninth, Stretched over 24 Hours


Check out the full story {here}. It’s definitely worth it.

You can also hear the first 10 minutes of it after the jump.

This is too awesome for me not to put up. I’ve been delving into the “Slow it way down by 800 percent to make it epic and incredible” fad a bit lately, but this takes the cake. It’s actually a project a few years old, done by Bill Schottstaedt. Way to be ahead of the curve, Bill. The truth of the matter is that Beethoven’s Ninth truly is different than the others. While Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson are cool for their novelty, Beethoven’s got a whole different feeling.


But there aren’t many words to describe it so:

Listen to the live 24/7 webcast of the project {here}

First 10 minutes preview: {download}

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2 Responses to Must Hear: Beethoven’s Ninth, Stretched over 24 Hours

  1. Christopher says:

    Do you happen to know where I can purchase the entire audio for this? I can’t find it anywhere

    • Samuel says:

      From what I know it can only be streamed from this site. There’s an art exhibit that runs it in San Fransisco, but I don’t think that there’s any place you can specifically buy it unfortunately.

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