The Young Evils – A Just Built Beaming Light

By Sam.

This one’s again stolen from KEXP’s Song of the Day podcast. I’d encourage you to listen to it, but then about 50% of my posts would just be redundant.


The Young Evils are a pretty new band, so much so that the website they have on their myspace,, just goes to a GoDaddy registration point. Not yet signed, their album Enchanted Chapel was self-released earlier this year. Lead by Troy Nelson (with his girlfriend Mackenzie Mercer backing him up), their simple pop-rock concoctions are affecting and unassuming. Don’t expect too much from them and you might end up being surprised by the simple, sweet  “A Just Built Beaming Light.” It’s not Sharpe and gang’s “Home,” but for a band unsigned and not even a year old, it’s a good start.


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