Don’t Sleep on Him: Ab-Soul

By Nikhil

Most rappers would not brag about their lack of money but Ab-Soul is not most rappers. With his mixtape named Longterm 2: The Lifestyles Of The Broke And Almost Famous, he oozes the stench of broke but the man knows how to rock it. With no money, laid-back beats, a semi aggressive flow, and the appearance of a crack head, he is exactly what underground rap looks for. He’s good, refreshing and new. His ability to switch between an aggressive way of spitting and a laid-backed style makes him a person you don’t want to miss.

One thing I like about him is that he raps about life. Everything isn’t about the money, bitches or drugs like rap has been portrayed for years. This is a stereotype I never liked about rap; I think it shows ignorance to the genre as a whole. Ab-Soul is finally something new, unlike Drake who so many people tagged as the best new thing around. Music is supposed to be a way to escape for the listener and the artist. Ab-Soul takes you to his world of not having shit and gives you a tour that even cribs would envy. With a co-sign from the rapper Big Pooh, from little brother, Ab-Soul is pushing into the underground rap scene. So don’t let Ab-Soul go unnoticed, the rap game isn’t easy and he is screaming for help. Don’t sleep on the man.

Mayday- Ab-Soul

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