Public Service Announcement: About that Incidental Redesign.

So I was messing around, trying to slightly work around the limitations of the previous theme I was using (very unsuccessfully, I may add) and altered the base theme of the blog. Unfortunately, it seems wordpress discontinued that particular theme. So, here we are stuck with something different.

But change is not bad!

I was looking to make the post-widths larger, to give more room to work in regards to artwork and general-clutterfulness. This theme seems to do just this, though it’s at the expense of the custom header, something I actually did like quite a bit. I wish I could have a header and this nice width and cleanliness. And the stand-alone posts  seem to have gotten a little additional clutter. There’s a facebook button. Not sure how I feel about that.

I also don’t want to give you a post with just me rambling on about stuff that likely no one ever cares about. So here’s a song:

mp3: {The Zombies – Nothing’s Changed}

(Hint: it’s kind of subliminal)

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