Recommended: Cathy Davey – The Nameless

By Sam.

Cathy Davey is an Irish singer/songwriter and her third album is called The Nameless. And it’s presented me with something of a quandry.

See, this is one of those albums that has too many good songs on it, making me have to choose which one to post as a preview:

  • Do I post the deliciously melancholy opener, “The Nameless,”
  • or the next song, “Army of Tears” with its awesome, marching militant orchestration?
  • Or maybe “Little Red,” a delightful take on the old tale of Red Riding Hood?
  • But then there’s “Happy Slapping,” full of some sad lyrics, cheery instrumentation and cute, childish singing?
  • Or maybe the jazzy-nightclub vibe of “The Touch” is a better introduction?
  • “Wild Rum” calls back to the Doors,
  • “Lay Your Hand” calls back to Gene Wilder’s “Pure Imagination,” though with a more romantic, swooning bent.
  • But am I leaving something out? Where do I put “In He Comes?”

Well, one solution is to check out her {myspace}, which has “Little Red” and “Army of Tears.” Another is to check Youtube or iTunes.

The whole album’s made of this nice, wonderfully unpretentious pop. Not that it’s not without substance; Davey’s a great songwriter and lyricist and her choice of instrumentation keeps things interesting. She’s got a great range of styles in her voice and she knows how to write a hook.

I’ll throw up “Happy Slapping” and “Army of Tears.” The latter because it’s what original got me into her and the former because it’s my favorite song from the album–and it has my favorite line of the album:

When you’re alone do you sit and weep
Or do you keep the fire lit with photographs of you and me?

Though of full of a bunch of other greats.

Cathy Davey | “Happy Slapping” and “Army of Tears”

mp3s: {Happy Slapping | Army of Tears} (rightclick>saveas…)

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