Arvind Talks: Outasight

By Arvind.

Outasight: White Rappers are Good

When it comes to white rappers, there’s a lot to talk about. Some would disagree and say they suck. Wrong. That one guy, Eminem, is pretty good but maybe I’m crazy. People often think white rappers are overrated just because they are white–as if to say being white hinders your ability to talk with rhyming phrases in a creative style. Usually it’s because most white rappers don’t have the credibility to rap about what is considered hardcore rap. There was one rapper named Vanilla Ice who did that, but that was 20 years ago. And it’s time to forgive white people for him.

Then there are great rappers like Outasight. Not only does he rap, but sometimes he even sings. Not saying he’s Robin Thicke or Justin Timberlake, but with a little technology it sounds great (don’t think its autotune). He’s another rapper I would consider a real artist. His feel-good beats and flow remind me a lot of one of my favorite groups, G. Love & Special Sauce. In fact, he is essentially G. Love of this generation. I would say that is quite the compliment as the boys from Philly were great at creating music that everyone can relate to.

Outasight is about 5 mixtapes into his career and I currently am in possession of 3 of them. I can’t lie; I never have listened to the first one I downloaded and no excuse why. It was his third mixtape and probably the one that put him on the blogosphere. His fourth mixtape, Further, is typical evidence why mixtapes have taken over the hip hop game. How on earth this is a mixtape and not an album is unreal (it actually was released on iTunes as an EP, but well after the fact). He recently dropped his fifth mixtape, Never Say Never.  As a great blog in The Smoking Section put it, “Taking a step diagonal from the perceptions Further cemented, Never Say Never is an amassment of dusty vinyl recordings that sound as if they were created to capture vintage moments in musical history.”

Outasight is an artist who does not have the shine he deserves for how musically awesome he is. Simple as that. Hopefully he’ll be a prominent figure in the hip hop world along with the boy J. Cole.

Stream the Never Say Never mixtape:

Grab the Further mixtape {here} via 2dopeboyz
Grab the Never Say Never mixtape {here} via The Smoking Section
or {here} via Bandcamp

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One Response to Arvind Talks: Outasight

  1. Steve says:

    Great article R-V. You should check out EL-P (el producto) in regards to this topic. He’s pretty sick.

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