Band to Hear: The Kritzlers

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Today I was lucky enough to wake up with a surprising little release in my inbox. They’re from Melbourne, Australia and they’ve got a great, thick shoegze sound.

They just released a 7″ single for their song “Head in the Ether” with “Scarlet Sometimes” on the B side. Both songs have this excellent airy quality to them. Thomas Bullock’s vocals sound like they’re run through some sort of vocoder, but it’s never to the point of being cheesy–just the opposite, they slide right into the thick layers of guitar distortion. The band essentially sounds just as a song titled “Head in the Ether” would suggest.

I have to be honest though, upon listening at first through my cheap-o speakers, I wasn’t that impressed–though I now release how little they did the songs justice. On re-listening with my headphones, their sound really shines. Little touches, like the synth hook mid-way through “Scarlet Sometimes,” and the wind chimes at the end of “Head in the Ether” really get pulled out and a surprising amount to the sound. A lot of shoegaze that I’ve heard seems to prefer to be a thick wall of distortion, but Kritzlers have that attention to detail that pulls them out that little bit. It also helps that they’ve got a great ear for catchy guitar.

I think I prefer “Scarlet Sometimes,” but it’s kind of a toss-up. It’s a good sign when your first single has a B side just as good, so here’s to hoping we’ll be hearing more from them. Hopefully they’ll get some kind of release in the States too, cause much as I’d love to throw down $10 for this single on vinyl, the export costs get kind of crazy. Or maybe they’ll pick up a big tour and hit Ohio? I can’t help but feel their live show would be some great fun.

Head in the Ether/Scarlet Sometimes Download: {Head in the Ether | Scarlet Sometimes} (rightclick>saveas…)

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