Magic Kids – Phone

By Samuel.


Someone didn’t tell the Magic Kids that the 1960’s ended 40 years ago and if their new album, Memphis–due out August 24th via True Panther–is any indication, they don’t really care.

Opener “Phone” is a great kick-off to the album. It’s no-holds-barred sunshine pop and it shamelessly introduces the band’s sound. Full of bright production–layers  include a bouncing piano, sweeping strings, and jumping acoustic guitar and the almost-cliche-in-indie-pop Beach Boy harmonies.

The whole album follows up on this sound pretty exclusively, so if you dig this song you’ll probably dig the album. It’s just too bad it’s coming out at the end of summer, as it’d make a great album to cruise to with the windows down.

Magic Kids | Phone {download}(rightclick>saveas…)

Might also want to check out “Hey Boy,” ’cause it sounds like Brian Wilson came into the studio, did a track all by himself, and then Magic Kids just used it for their album.

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