Arvind Talks: J Cole

By Arvind.

Sam’s Note: This is the first post from Arvind.
Arv and I overlap a lot in terms of music tastes, but he has me hugely trumped when it comes to hip hop knowledge. I don’t like talking about the genre because of my ignorance
, so hopefully Arv’ll keep coming back to keep the rest of us educated.

The Profile of the Face of the Voice of The Next Generation

J. Cole: The Future of Hip-Hop Music

When I first heard of J. Cole I was browsing The post was called 2dope To Sleep on, the second of the series.

Maybe a year later and I’m seeing more and more posts about this guy. I thought he was some sort of mainstream fucker similar to Drake. I saw him open for Jay-Z during The Blueprint 3 tour and never took it seriously (hell, he even dressed like Drake); this was around the time his mixtape The Warm Up dropped. Several months later, it’s the beginning of summer and I’m on a road trip from Philly to home. During the trip some friends and I listen to The Warm Up while playing some beer pong when one friend, a reliable hip hop source, says “J. Cole is the future.”

I start listening to the mixtape on the drive home and I’m blown away. I felt like an idiot. I felt like an idiot for overlooking this lyrical genius. Despite his frequent cursing, which I don’t think is necessary, (“A nigga’s stock is rising like the Nasdaq/ they say I’m the future/ but I’m giving niggas flashbacks”) I could see and feel the story J. Cole was reciting.

Now that you’ve read that whole paragraph that you could give two shits for, here’s why you should listen to J. Cole.

1)      Lyricism
2)      Dope Beats (some he produces himself, impressive)
3)      Those two combined create a true, unique artist. He creates and constructs whole songs, as opposed to painting  a premade canvas.

I’m truly annoyed at the state of hip hop and how people truly enjoy listening to Gucci Mane, Waka Flaka Flame, and all artists who talk about nothing. I know I have no place to say they can’t rap about that, but I would rather more people listen to hip hop artists.

His debut album, Cole World, is slated for later this year. A couple songs have leaked, don’t know if they will make the final cut but they sound promising. These three songs are from his mixtape, The Warm Up.

Lights Please

I Get Up

Losing My Balance

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