The Love Language – Libraries

By Samuel.

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The Love Language’s Libraries (Merge, 2010) is one of the best new releases this year, so much so that immediately upon finishing it, I turned around and listened to it again. I’m hesitant to put it on the “Must Listen” list because of its remarkable similarities to Typhoon’s Hunger and Thirst, my last post. Both are sophomore releases that I first heard via KEXP’s Song of the Day podcast. Both are gorgeously produced pop albums that have a small bent of low-fi–though it’s much more prevalent in Libraries.

The strength of Libraries comes in its great use of retro sounds. The sixties pop-revival is nothing new in the indie scene, but this album’s the first that captures the timeless quality that permeates that era. See “This Blood is Our Own” or “Blue Angel” to hear what I’m taking about. Opener “Pedals” sounds like Arcade Fire at their most grandiose, but with a twist and “Horophones” sounds like “Blue Jay Way” and Christmas were slammed together. “Willmont” turns from a dark AM Radio ballad to a pounding, almost anthemic rocker. Like Hunger and ThirstLibraries never sticks with one style long enough to get boring, but their obvious influences keep their sound consistent–the drums in particular do an excellent job of perfectly accentuating each song.

The album’s a short 33 minutes and leaves me wanting more. A very good thing for a band only two years into their recording career.

“Heart to Tell” is the lead single from the album and the most striking track on first listen.  It’s got the sixties pop influences typical of the rest of the album, with some great stomping drums and beachy production. Though not the highlight of the album, in my opinion, it’s certainly the song that’ll get you into the rest of Libraries, so if you like it pick up the album.

The Love Language | Heart To Tell {download}

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