Must Listen: Typhoon – Hunger and Thirst

By Samuel.

Page 1: Summary, etc.
Page 2:Front End – The First Three Songs
Page 3: Back End – The Last Three Songs
Page 4: Content – Videos, Full album stream, etc.

Page 1: Summary

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“I’ve started a new beginning,
Suspiciously like the old one.
Only this time,
I’m ready.”

Typhoon’s sophomore album, Hunger and Thirst (Tender Loving Empire, 2010) kicks off with those words. Telling ones for a second album coming five years after their first. Local darlings from Portland, Oregon, Typhoon got a lot of credit for their gorgeous arrangements and excellent live shows.

While I only heard them just recently as a result of KEXP’s Song of the Day podcast, after checking out Hunger and Thirst, I immediately picked it up on vinyl from Tender Loving Empire’s store.

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