Judy Garland – Over the Rainbow Reprise [Alternate Version/Outtake]

By Samuel.

I should note that I came across this largely because of a podcast from HowStuffWorks.com, called “Stuff from the B-Side.”

Now, my initial interest in this was in its description as the saddest recording of “Over the Rainbow,” trumping the official version used in the film. It turns out that this reprise was shot, though left unused and now only the audio portion of the shot has survived. Meant to be done while Dorothy is locked in the witch’s castle. While Garland may be hamming it up for the sake of the performance–she is in character after all–there’s something supremely touching about this one minute and thirty-five second recording. It’s a version of the song very different in tone than any other I’ve heard and is easily now my favorite.

I’ve been disdainful of musicals for a long time now, largely because I think that they rarely provide emotional catharsis due to a lack of honesty. People don’t sing in real life and it inevitably takes me out of a performance. This recording is proof that this is not a rule without exceptions. Unable to finish the song through her tears, it’s a moment unlike anything else the movie carries.

Judy Garland | Over the Rainbow Reprise (Alternate version/outtake) {download}

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