{Video} Janelle Monae – Cold War

“Cold War” was directed by Wendy Morgan.

For an album as grand and bombastic as the absolutely incredible The ArchAndroid, the video for the second single, “Cold War” is decidedly simple. It’s one single take, shot in close-up. And it’s also the very first take.

It was easy to guess that “Cold War” would be The ArchAndroid’s second single, but I always imagined the video for it being much more elaborate, possibly with story elements and interludes. Monae’s decision to cut it down to nothing is an admirable one, as standing in front of a camera for a full take is a ballsy move. I’m glad she did, as it lends a lot more insight to her ideas behind the actual song, which seem to be a lot more emotionally poignant than the danceable, Outkast-inspired beat would reveal.

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