Menomena – Taos

By Samuel.

Mines was released on July 27th on Barsuk

Menomena’s last album, Friend and Foe has some absolutely incredible tunes. Their newest album, Mines came out on July 27th and is no slouch itself.

The most immediate highlight is “Taos” which seems to be in similar flavor to my favorite tracks from Friend and Foe. Starting out on a heavy buzzing bass, the almost-yelling lead vocals come over it and the drums kick. Sounding like a lot more than a three-piece, the song is schizophrenic in its instrumentals, with the bass the only thing holding everything together. Electric guitars jump, pianos clang and saxes blow. And they don’t forget the Beach Boy backing harmonies, either.

And after four minutes they decide to switch it all around for a bit.

It’s hard to imagine just three guys from Portland being the originators of so much energy, but damn does it make for one hell of a track.

Menomena | Taos {download}

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