The Walkmen – Stranded

About a year ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to go to a Walkmen show with him. At the time, I’d only heard them in passing and thought I had better things to do. After actually delving into their discography, though, I’m fairly sure I didn’t. They got a lot of love for their song “The Rat” and their sophomore album, Bows + Arrows in 2004, but I totally missed out on that and their 2008 album, You and Me somehow totally missed me. Here’s to rectification.

Six years later and they’re releasing sixth album Lisbon (September 14, Fat Possom/Bella Union). By this point, it’s leaked and suffice to say, it’s a good one. The most immediate highlight is the ballad “Stranded.” Maybe taking a hint from Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” The Walkmen spiced up their sound on this one with some light mariachi horns. Though a relatively small addition, they help add a lot to the idea of “Stranded” without taking away from the Walkmen’s sound.

I don’t know if they’ll ever quite match the raw energy of “The Rat,” but “Stranded” seems to speak well to a more mature band.

I can only hope they come around here again.

The Walkmen | Stranded {download}

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