Quickie List: Top 10 Openers

This post inspired by a John Cusack movie.

Top 10 Favorite Album Openers (excluding Beatles):

10. Radiohead – “Everything in its Right Place” from Kid A

9. The Kinks – “The Village Green Preservation Society” from The Village Green Preservation Society

8.  The Cinematic Orchestra – “To Build a Home” from Ma Fleur

7. Sigur Rós – “Gobbledigook” from Með suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust

6. Grizzly Bear –  “Easier” from Yellow House
5. Crosby, Stills & Nash – “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” from Crosby, Stills & Nash

4. Miles Davis – “So What” from Kind of Blue

3. The Dodos – “Walking” from Visiter

2. Common – “Be (Intro)” from Be

1.  Stars – “Your Ex-Lover is Dead” from Set Yourself on Fire

No mp3’s. Get the albums. They’re all worth it.
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2 Responses to Quickie List: Top 10 Openers

  1. John Graham says:

    I would like to make a note that, although I comment on “Quick List Top Openers” very little of my comment pertains to it. This is a general comment about your website.
    On accident one day I stumbled upon your website. Up to this point I had gotten most of my music advice from pitchfork so I decided to try something new, however after hours spent on your website I cannot find a single original and redeeming quantity of music taste. Your five star list is weighted with many alternative albums that either came out one or two years ago (Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion, which is by the way a great album, but the fact that the rest of Animal Collective’s works go unmentioned bothers me), are classical dinosaurs (such as Miles Davis albums, which could not be mistaken as anything but masterpieces) or obscure indie albums that make the cut of mediocre.
    The majority of the music that you stream in your features is pure shit such as your recent Bandcamp saga by the way do you know what surf guitar is? An ethnic instrumental that sounds like it could be peeled away from a highwayside Mexican restaurant is not necessarily good music.
    You’re letting people down because as a reader I thought that I might gain something that I enjoyed from reading your website but instead I find myself listening through an entire Magic Man to find that it is actually an entire track of white noise. Now don’t get me wrong I’m as big a fan of experimental music as anyone (I listen to the Boredoms, Radiohead and Brian Eno on occasion), but when a band’s best track (the kind of track they use to promote the album) is pure white noise backed by a Nokia cell phone manufactured synth I’m a little disappointed.
    Occasionally you seem to be floored by music that there is absolutely nothing special about for example that old German pianist whose name escapes me or Feel Good Lost by Broken Social Scene. Take any piano score from any movie that has a piano score and you’ve listened to the equivalent of what that German pianist has put out. And also there’s a reason that Feel Good Lost wasn’t Broken Social Scene’s breakout album. It is completely uneventful.
    While it is probably impossible for you to redeem yourself of your horrible habit of putting shit on a pedestal for no apparent reason. I would hope that you might use this comment for the better of your blogging experience instead of simply hating me and not doing anything about it. Overall I have to applaud you for putting this website together because it is quite ambitious to attempt to become an authority on music to a group of anonymous and happenstance readers.

    • Samuel says:

      I think you might be expecting to much from this site, John.

      I made no claim to being an authority on music and this site was originally made as an attempt to share music that I enjoyed with friends that I no longer had regular contact with. Given that you are not one of those friends, it’s unsurprising that you disagree with a lot of what I enjoy and post here. This was never meant to be anywhere near an equivalent to Pitchfork or any other professional music outlet. In fact, I recognized from the start most of the stuff I posted would be fairly surface to a music-head, which inspired the name of the blog itself. Simply, you may be too well-educated to fit into the kind of target audience that the aforementioned friends fit into.

      If you don’t like anything that I post here, then I wouldn’t recommend that you continue to come here as it would seem to end up being largely a waste of your time. It’s fine if you consider my musical taste and opinions to be absolute shit or simply dull, but they are what they are. There are a million other blogs out there and I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find something that you’d like. I’m surprised you even took the time to write out such a long comment deriding this site when there’s so many better ones that would give you the kind of content you want.

      I stand by Magic Man. Maybe it’s a little dull, but given that it’s a random happen-upon from bandcamp, they were pretty good and are still enjoyable to listen to for me. If you didn’t like them after one listen or found them derivative, don’t go any further. Although I did find your definition of them as ‘white noise’ a little amusing, given the name of the blog, though I think this definition is only really applicable to their first song, Swell Song. The ‘Nokia synth’ might follow with the rest of their stuff, though.

      For the record, My five-star list was never meant to be the be-all-end-all of my music. It’s just stuff that I’ve rated on iTunes. Feels is my second favorite Animal Collective album, but I’ve never quite gotten around to rating it. I also realize it’s redundant to put Kind of Blue or the Beatles on that list given their legendary status but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a mention. I figure there might be someone (one of previously-mentioned friends) that haven’t yet heard some of those classics. I have my own list of classics I need to get to.

      I really like Feel Good Lost, sue me. Something about the atmospherics of it–the same reason I like Erik Satie (that German pianist). The rest of Broken Social Scene never quite did the same for me in the same way, though their self-titled comes closest.

      You say your post is for the betterment of my blogging experience, but you offer little in actual suggestion. Your criticisms are fair and I don’t begrudge you for having them, but it’s kind of pointless to tirade against someone’s music taste because it is such a subjective medium. I’m curious as to what you’d rather I feature, given your strong views on the subject.

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