By Samuel.

Basically, because I’ve been rolling around so much on Bandcamp these past few days and have found an absolute wealth of artists I’d love to feature but don’t have the time  to do full write-ups for, I’m just going to spam with a bunch of streams for some of the artists I particularly liked. These guys are all either entirely independent or on small indie labels, so if you hear anything you like I emphatically ask you to buy some of it.

This song alone was enough to incite me to buy the $30 Special Edition LP (though the translucent ice blue vinyl really helped. Latin horns make for a hell of a hook and the surf guitar is just icing all over the groovy cake.

taperecorder is a sort of acoustic-electric band with beats drawn from both mediums. This song, “gaineau” is the opening track and may just be enough to incite me to grab the vinyl.

This track is from the independent game “Aquaria” is all too short. Similar to “Uncharted Worlds” from Mass Effect’s soundtrack in that I can listen to it endlessly. Maybe I should actually look into the game. Holowka is also from Winnipeg, which deserves a shoutout.

When I saw that one of the tags for this band was “showtunes” I almost closed out immediatly, but “punk cabaret” kept me. Strangely dark and very atypical for a “showtune,” I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked this.

This track is based around the idea of a meditation booster. Certain soundwaves trigger and incite brain function. I don’t know if it actually works but I really like the actual sound of the song which is probably the more important thing.

“Gypsy Celtic Folk Rock for Naughty Punk Faeries” is the definition on the top banner of Tricky Pixie’s site and it’s quite a fitting label for a band that just seems to really like the Renaissance folk tradition. It’s definitely got a quiant sense of fun, which is a refreshing change from a good many serious Bandcamp artists–they have a song called “Tough Titty Cupcakes.”

Dance as a genre is a little underrepresented on Bandcamp, though that’s not to disparage Beat Connection. Calling an album Surf Noir is a pretty cool move, especially when the music somehow falls into that definition.

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