Band to Watch (and Hear): Magic Man

By Samuel. is perhaps the single greatest thing to come out of the internet for wholly independent artists since MySpace. While MySpace became a small social phenomena that distracted from its original focus, Bandcamp shows no signs of following such a route. Dedicated entirely to the artists and their music, a Bandcamp page has only the band’s the music, a way for the user to get said music, and the art for said music. It has a lot of other useful stuff for bands, but you can just go check out the site to hear about all that.

It’s at Bandcamp that I found Magic Man.

Click [here] to get the whole album
!!for free!!

Magic Man is an electronic duo, Sam Lee and Alex Caplow, from Boston and their first album, self-released for free on Bandcamp, is called Real Life Color in January of this year. The music in Real Life Color is glorious electro-pop full of upbeat hooks and joyful melodies. Highlights like “Monster” and “Darling” draw from The Postal Service for their instrumentals using; light electronic loops that build into bigger, heavier beats while avoiding being too derivative a la Owl City. There’s a middle section of “Darling” with an electronic solo similar to Daft Punk’s “Digital Love,” though the song is nowhere near as mellow.

Magic Man’s pop is just what pop should be–unique enough to draw attention and enjoyment, but not derivative and not too different to alienate. Light, enjoyable and danceable, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear Magic Man at a hipster dance party in Boston or on the radio. Though the former’s more likely, I can’t help but hope for the former.

Magic Man is signed to Arcade Sound, Ltd., but putting out an entire album for free takes some balls. Especially when it’s good enough to pay for. So, I emphatically recommend you download Real Life Color from their Bandcamp. They’ll know you did and might just come out to your area to play for you.

Their Bandcamp and free album are [here], as is a stream of the entire album if you’re still not sure. You can also download individual songs if you don’t want to go for that.

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