Blackbird Blackbird – Blurring Lines/Summer Heart

By Samuel.

What do you get when you take music like Neon Indian, slow it down and chill it way the hell out? Something fairly akin to Blackbird Blackbird’s debut Summer Heart, an album I Guess I’m Floating has been hyping for a while.

The first song of the album, “Blurring Lines,” oozes. Distant, reverbed vocals and looping synths for a  minute and seven seconds and the best word to describe it? Ooze. Typically a word associated with slow-moving semi-liquids is not also associated with a sound, but the sound itself could be a slow-moving semi-liquid. The synths layered over one another are distinctly wet, whether in the technical or abstract sense, and the bass drum hits seem to gradually drag on and on under the loops. All these factors make “Blurring Lines” a song easy to drown oneself in and an immediate favorite of mine.

The change to “Summer Heart,” the second song and lead single for Summer Heart the album, is at first abrupt. A looping melody is brought in, the song jumps in volume and a slightly harsher texture is introduced. This initial reaction may be deceiving, though, as Blackbird Blackbird continue what they started and ride out an oozing sonic loop. They add the kind of psuedo-’60’s harmonies that have become so popular in the indie realm recently, though not without a good helping of reverb to top them off. “Summer Heart” continues like this for its entire duration not truly going anywhere and not really needing to, lounging on its own sound like a beach.

I read somewhere that this genre of electronic glo-fi was referred to as “Dreamwave,” but I can’t help feeling “Beachwave” might be more appropriate, if a little more confusing. “Summer Heart” does sample the sound of waves after all.

Blackbird Blackbird – Blurring Lines
Blackbird Blackbird – Summer Heart

[download: Blurring Lines | Summer Heart]

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