Old Favorites: Jacaszek – Walc

By Samuel.

“Old Favorites” are songs that I’ve had for a long time that I still consistently listen to and enjoy despite their relative age. Not new and likely already well-known, “Old Favorites” are the songs that you share with new friends and the ones that make you balk when the old friends don’t know them.

Essentially a category of classics.

Jacaszek – Walc


I have a feeling a lot of these “Old Favorites” will be instrumentals.

Jacaszek (read: ya-tsa-sheck) is a Polish electronic musician. I have his 2008 album Treny, and it’s one of those albums that I don’t remember exactly where I got originally got it. It’s an album that’s kept me company during long nights and cold winters, though. The music is appropriate to those times: atmospheric, distant, and even cold at times.

“Walc” is a pretty good representation of the rest of Treny, and is my favorite song from the album. What puts this song above the others that sound so similar is its atmosphere. Everything in the album feels deep and layered, as if under a blanket of snow for the first minute. Its made up mostly the bassy keyboard loop and glitch effects for percussion. Late in the song a voice comes in as harmony but even that is not untouched by hard electronic effects.

A winter sounding song is probably bad to post in the middle of July but it serves as a good counter to all the upbeat dance stuff that comes out this time of year. It’s also a favorite of mine for nights of insomnia as it seems to carry with it a strange feeling of calm and relaxation.

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