Blu & Exile- Below The Heaven(2007)

By Nik.

San Pedro, California is not known for its rap prowess but one rapper/producer might be changing all that if given a chance. Blu, an XXL ’09 freshman of the year, is trying to revive West Coast rap with the help of his favorite DJ, Exile. Rap is becoming more about entertainment rather than lyricism, ala Drake, but Blu has something to say about that. Blu brings lyrics that remind people of one of the greatest rappers of an era, Nas. If Nasir Jones was to be reborn in the rap game, his reincarnation would be oddly identical to Blu. The West Coast has been reeling ever since the lose of Tupac. Blu has led a convincing revival campaign. There is no doubt that Blu has to be in the talk of the greatest rappers of the late-2000’s. Below The Heavens is became an instant underground classic. Blu has a flow reminiscent of hip-hops greats and smart but progressive lyrics. Exile provides the beats, as the duo creates one of the most complete album of the decade.

Blu- The Narrow Path

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