Junip – Rope and Summit

By Samuel.

Junip is a band made up of Jose Gonzalez, Elias Araya, and Tobias Winterkorn

Get the full Rope & Summit EP by going [here] and signing up. It’s worth it.

Jose Gonzalez is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, largely in part to his incredibly unique voice and his opting for using mainly a classical guitar both of which help him avoid the standard acoustic guitar schlock that there really is already a lot of. His songs are also full of a unique energy; with the bass turned up his guitar sounds like two.

I’m a little late on this, but Jose Gonzalez apparently got some friends from his home country of Sweden and decided to make a full band out of his shindig. Gonzalez’ unique sound is still there but with a band to make it fuller and more complete. It’s really not too different from his solo stuff except for some more oomph from the rhythm section.

Check out “Rope and Summit,” the first song from Junip released over a month ago via Pitchfork. The four song EP can be downloaded from their website at http://www.junip.com. The EP also includes the full band version of “Far Away,” the song from Red Dead Redemption that I featured a while back.

Junip | Rope and Summit [download]

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