Josh Rouse – Cotton Eyed Joe

By Samuel.

I got the first two tracks to Josh Rouse’s newest album, El Turista a few months ago and have been listening to just those two tracks for the entirety of that time. Only just recently did I pick up the whole thing and I’m glad to say it’s just as good as the first two songs would indicate.

The latin-inspired album is jazzy and relaxed and one of the best beach albums I’ve heard in a long while and no song better exemplifies it than Rouse’s cool take on “Cotton Eyed Joe,” which is a traditional folk song that was obviously made famous by a ridiculous dance version (from a group called Rednex). Rouse’s take on the song is,  needless to say, very different from that one.

Regardless of the history of the song, “Cotton Eyed Joe” is one of my favorites from El Turista and if you like it, the rest of the album is definitely worth checking out.

Josh Rouse | Cotton Eyed Joe [Rednex | download]

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