Cloud Cult – Unxplainable Stories

Cloud Cult is one of the bands that’s constantly been in the background for me. I’ve heard a lot about, but actually rarely heard them. This has lead to me unintentionally ignoring them, something I immediately regretted upon hearing the first minute of their newest album Light Chasers that just leaked three months ahead of schedule. It’s due out September 14th and is definitely worth the price tag. I don’t even know if this is par for the course for Cloud Cult, but I’ll definitely be looking into the rest of their discography.

An album in the older sense of the word, Light Chasers flows as a cohesive idea from one song to the next. Listening to it on shuffle would do it an injustice as its hour worth of music seems so deliberately sequenced.

Opener “Unexplainable Stories” gives a good idea of the rest of the album–full of stirring, gorgeous orchestration, grand rock moments and elegant songwriting–and is the only song from Light Chasers I will post here, though I almost want to put the whole thing up here because it is so full of excellent songs. I’m hesitant to even put it up for download because it is so recently leaked, but I think it’ll be a good way to feed into the hype that this album deserves.

Come September, I’ll have $20 saved just for this.

Cloud Cult | Unexplainable Stories


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