Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (Twelves Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club is a Northern Ireland band I heard about a few months ago when new songs for their debut, Tourist History started to be released. The first single “Something Good Can Work” was fun, simple and dancey. It didn’t hit me a whole lot the first time I heard, but it was definitely infectious and would make a good summer song–unfortunately I was listening to it when there was snow on the ground.

So in my searches for new music this summer, it seemed fitting that I would come across a dance remix of the song and like it a whole lot more than I did the original. I don’t know much about Twelves or The Twelves (I’ve seen it both ways) but I hope that they continue to do remixes like this one.

Two Door Cinema Club’s debut came out in April of this year, though I haven’t yet heard it. This remix might spark a re-interest in the band and I may just have to grab it.

Two Door Cinema Club | Something Can Work (Twelves Remix) [download]

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