Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Original Mix)

Dance music isn’t a genre I normally talk about much, because it’s not something I listen to on a regular basis. Sometimes it crosses my path and I end up really liking a song or two.

In my random browsings for music, I ran across, essentially an iTunes for DJs. The number one song on that site was Pleasurekraft’s “Tarantula” under the genre “Tech House.” I know only a little bit about the genres of electronic music but based on “Tarantula,” it’d seem that Tech House is genre that’s mostly minimalist and more atmospheric than beat-oriented.

That said the song has a great beat though it takes about a minute and a half to really hit its stride. So turn your bass up and groove out.

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One Response to Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Original Mix)

  1. Koji says:

    What, something I can relate too!? Well this song is quite relaxing for dance, more ambient then anything. This is defiantly post-progressive trance by nature (beat falls out to be replaced by vocals, minimalism ect). Can’t say much about tech-house other then what wikipedia spits out at me. Pleasurekraft seems to tribute Kraftwerk, a pioneer in electronic music (perhaps the vocal sample in the song comes from them). Also First!

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